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School Teacher

"Julie is a great inspiration to women of many ages and body types! I have gone from a body fat percentage of 32% to 27% in only 4 months, along with losing lots of inches and 15lbs with her programs! So, if you are looking for a place to start your fitness journey, I would definitely recommend Julie Prince to anyone!"



These awesome results were in ONLY 3 WEEKS!

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Melissa D.

"I'm a super busy mom with twins. and I worked with Julie. I got great results. I lost a total of 14 lbs! I loved it because she made it SUPER easy for my busy lifestyle! The grocery lists and meal plans were done, for me! It was also great having the support of other women helping cheer you on!"

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Annie B.

 Marketing Professional 

"I have never felt as in shape and really seen results like I have in the 10 months I have trained with Julie. I have always been an active person, between running and going to the gym regularly, but the difference is that Julie, really pushes you beyond what you think you're capable of- and that is when I truly started to notice results- not just weight loss but muscle tone in my arms, legs, and core. Definitely recommend this to anyone of any fitness level!"

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Eugenia M.

"I just want to give a Shout out to Julie Prince. Thank you Julie for allowing us to participate in this Program. I lost 13 Lbs. and my Husband lost 22 lbs. I could have done better but missed the working out and drinking a lot of water, which my husband did. It allowed us to permanently change the way to eat. We reduced our intake of carbs, as a matter of fact, we don't like their taste or texture anymore, and the constant craving for food stopped. We now eat when we have to and just what we need to. Actually we don't look for big portions of food anymore, we have few bites and that is enough. I love the program and specially the Cleanse which We use after a big feast or celebration where we go out of what we are now use to eat. This has being a change for the better!

Thank you. Thank You. Thank You!!"

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Nicole P.

Mom of 3


" I found Julie Prince at the right time in my life. I have 3 kids and started to feel tired,out of shape and frustrated about my nutrition. Julie helped me achieve my goals I'm happier, healthier and a better mom because I feel great! Do yourself a favor check this out! You will NOT be sorry!" 

Rose Tubs Success Story Weight Loss Dest

Rose T.

"Just thought I would let you know it has been almost a year and I am at 15 lbs lighter than I was, with your help . I have a better understanding of what I need to do. So thank you so much for all of your help!"



"Last fall I joined Julie's 10 Week Challenge with the goal to lose 15 lbs by the end of the challenge. The cleanse was a great kick-start to the Challenge and I lost about 2 or 3 lbs. It was amazing how simple the cleanse meals were, but yet so delicious. The regular eating plan was very reasonable, and easy to follow. The exercise plan was at least 3 days a week, or more. By her suggestion, we put them down in a planner; that really kept me to them. Everyone’s workouts were different – I used workout videos at home. Julie always answered everyone’s questions, commented and shared often, and encouraged everyone. It was great to have a small group to share pictures with, discussions on food, and those times when we cheated. Due to personal reasons, I ended up only following the plan for 6 weeks, but I lost a total of 12.2 lbs and 12.65 inches off my body in that time-frame, on Julie’s diet and exercise plan. I know if I had been able to continue for the full duration, I would have reached or surpassed my goal!"

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Jennifer D.

Stay at Home Mom  

"The 28 Day Program gave me AWESOME results! I lost over 10lbs and 10 inches specifically 4 inches from my abs.....IN 28 DAYS! I could not be happier with my results, and how I feel in my clothes. Julie Prince GETS RESULTS!!! Thanks  Julie"

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